Hunting at Callumkill

Callumkill has red and fallow stalking and rough and driven shooting of woodcock, pheasant and snipe. Islay’s red deer are one of the few remaining herds of pure red deer. Two guests at Callumkill achieved a left and right at woodcock in the 2009/10 season and joined the Shooting Times Woodcock Club.

Donald MacNeill, Callumkill’s game keeper, was born and bred on Islay and has worked on Callumkill since 1981. He knows every inch of the ground and will guide you to the best locations for your day of sport as well as fill you in on the terrain, history and wildlife.

Deer and wildlife management are key to ensuring herd health and protecting fauna. We are part of the Islay Deer Management Group and have a culling policy which works sympathetically with the farm and preservation of our ancient oak woodlands. For this reason our stalker will select the animals to be culled.

On a day out you see changing views and terrains over every ridge rising from the sea to the top of Bheinn Solumh, the third highest peak on Islay. You walk through original oak woodland, over rocky outcrops, and past peaty burns, lochs and fells. You pass ancient monuments including a chambered cairn, the ruins of Solumh plague village, St Michael’s well. You’ll pass the loch, Uigeadail and the hill, Airgh na Bheiste that give Ardbeg the name of two of its whiskies.