Terms and Conditions, Version: 21. March 2024

Invoices are sent to clients via email in pdf-format only.
If booking is done by the client more than 40 days before arrival date we (Callumkill) issue an "Initial Instalment Invoice" (40% of the total amount) and a "Final Instalment Invoice" (60% of the total amount).
The invoices have different due dates, but are e-mailed to the client with the same email.
If booking is done less than 41 days before booked arrival date we issue only a "Final Invoice" over the full amount.
All invoices have to be paid by clients by the due date shown on each invoice.
All bank fees of sending bank and receiving bank (clearing bank) have to be paid by the client when doing the transaction so that any invoiced amount is credited on our bank account in full.
All payments must be done in GBP.
We do not accept cheques.

Conclusion of Contract / Booking Confirmation
The contract is automatically concluded as a whole in terms of the services listed on our "Initial Instalment Invoice" or "Final Invoice" respectively on the day the full invoice amount is credited to our bank account unless we are informing the client (by email) that the booking has become void in the meantime, because of a delayed payment.
Clients automatically accept our Terms and Conditions by paying one of the invoices mentioned above.
We confirm reception of any payment only on demand.

Transfer of a Booking / Cancelation of a Booking
Transfer of a Booking: If all invoices issued by us (no matter if due or not due) have been paid by the client, the client can asked via email for the transfer of the booking to another person.
For a valid transfer that person has to submit by email his/her address and phone number along with a confirmation that he/she will comply with this Terms and Conditions.
A cancelation is only valid, if the client sends it by email and if we confirm the reception of the cancelation by email.
We will issue a credit note for those cancelled services that we have successfully sold to another client in regard to the same period.
The credit note is set-off against the total price of the the booking.
Any balance left has to be settled by us or the client via bank transfer within 14 days after date of credit note.
If we could not sell any service to another client until 40 days before booked arrival date, we will not issue any credit note and the price for the whole booking is owed in full.
We recommend that clients take out an appropriate travel cancelation insurance.
There might be unlikely cases where we have to cancel a booking due for reasons that cannot be removed by us until the client´s arrival, e.g. no (cleaning) personel or no hunting guide, holiday house is unsuitable for hosting persons due to faults etc. In such cases we would notify the client as soon as possible while stating the reason of the cancellation requesting the clients bank details. A refund of 110% of what was already paid to us until the date of notification would be transfered to the clients bank account with in 6 days after reception of the bank details. We shall not be held liable by the client for any losses or damage etc. the client is facing due to such cancellations

Adverse Travel Conditions
Where there are ferry or plane disruptions due to bad weather conditions or for any other reason, we cannot be held responsible for late or non-arrival.
We do not issue credit notes in case of late or non-arrival of the client.

Arrivals and Departures
Your house is ready for you at 4pm on the arrival date.
Guest will find holiday houses unlocked with keys in the door.
Outgoing guests must vacate the house prior to 10 am on the departure date.
Guest are asked to return the house keys to the door and leave the house unlocked.

Cleaning / Damages and Losses caused by Clients
The property should be left clean and tidy on departure and we request that any damage / breakages be reported prior to departure to our Estate Managers, who live in the first house on the right when coming up our estate road in order that these can be rectified for incoming guests..
In the unlikely event that a property is left in an inappropriate manner, an additional cleaning surcharge may be incurred.
If the damage or loss caused by a client exceeds 50 GBP, the client is liable to damage compensation.
Guests shall put all furniture back in place as they were found on arrival. We asked guests not to leave any dirty dishes.

Guest can bring well behaving dogs.
Guest must ensure that the dogs do not enter any bed or bathrooms..
No other type of pets than dogs are allowed on the premisses.

Smoking is only allowed outside the buildings.
Disposal of any cigarette stubs on the premisses is forbidden, except in suitable rubbish bins.

Vehicles / Personal Property / Injury
Callumkill is remote so theft is an unlikely event.
Nevertheless in addition to cancellation and curtailment insurance, guests are recommended to take out holiday insurance to cover loss or damage to personal effects.
Vehicles, accessories and contents are left at their owners' risk.
We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage or any injury to persons not caused through our fault.
Electric vehicles must only be charged at the 230 Volt power sockets next to the entrance doors of the houses against separate payment.

Hunting Terms

All sporting clients must have personal hunting liability insurance covering them against any accidents that may occur as a result of their actions during hunting.
The minimum amount of cover must not be less than 5,000,000 GBP, 5,000,000 USD, or 5,000,000 EUR for any one claim. Before the hunt each hunter has to show a proof of a valid hunting liability insurance written in English language to the game keeper. The insurance must be valid in Scotland. Without proof of insurance the hunter cannot take part in the hunt.
We (Callumkill Estate) make no guarantees about the number or quality of animals to be culled or shot during a client’s sporting day.
As the animals are all wild and unpredictable, we are unable to guarantee that sporting will be successful and as such we exclude liability for any misrepresentation of the chances of success that may occur.
All sporting clients with their own weapon will be required to hold an appropriate license for the legal use of that weapon.
Firearms must be at least .300 caliber and the bullets must be lead free. Caliber and bullets are checked by the game keeper before hunting.
All instructions and decisions given by our Game Keeper are final.
Failure to comply with such instructions or decisions may result in the cancellation of the booking with no right to a refund or compensation.
All venison and game belong to the estate.
The client can purchase whole carcasses of the animals he/she culled, if mutually agreed.
We reserve the right to cancel a sporting day or exclude a particular client in the event that the Game Keeper believes that the client is not physically fit for the day (through drink or drugs or any other reason) or that the client may pose a safety risk to the him-/herself, the Game Keeper or others in the party.
No refund will be given in these conditions.
We further reserve the right to cancel a sporting day in the event that the conditions are not acceptable (either because of weather or certain situations or events which occur which are not within our reasonable control).
Where one of these occurs we will attempt to rearrange the sporting day for a mutually convenient date as soon as practicable once the situation that prevented the sporting day taking place has been resolved.
In such circumstances there may be a delay (sometimes a substantial delay) before the rearranged session will take place.
Clients will be accompanied at all times by our Game Keeper.

Each stalking client will be required to make test shots (in a procumbent position) at a target at 100 meter distance.
No refund can be given in the event the Game Keeper is not satisfied with the shooting skills of a client, but in stalking parties, others in the party will be able to take that client’s booked deer or hunting days respectively.
Our Game Keeper will select a deer that in his opinion is suitable to be culled.
The Game Keeper and the client taking the shot will make the approach, leaving any other clients behind.
Once the Game Keeper decides they are at a suitable distance from the relevant deer, he will describe the selected deer and offer the shot to the client.
After a successful shot has been taken our Game Keeper will collect the deer and transport it to our larder.
The prices quoted to the client are for each opportunity which has been presented to and accepted by the client, regardless of whether the client misses the targeted animal.
Wounded and lost deer must be paid for in full plus the loss of meat revenue as assessed by the Game Keeper.
The Game Keeper can prepare trophies at extra cost.
Please let him know at the end of each day.
Provided that there was no missed or wounded and lost stag during a booked stag stalking day, and provided that a stag stalking day was not stopped ahead of schedule due to low physical fitness of a client, this stag stalking day will be refunded by 100% and a blank outing charge of 280 GBP will be charged for the day instead. If possible, the client and the game keeper shall try to arrange an additional stag stalking day while the client is still on Islay.