Who is Who

The MacNeills
Donnie manages the farm and lives on the estate with his wife Fiona, and daughter Emma. He is a born and bred Ileach and has worked on Callumkill since 1993. Donnie is an unusual animal in that he is a farmer but also has a keen hunter and is Callumkill’s gamekeeper. The beauty of this is that he is able to weigh and find balanced solutions for the sometimes conflicting needs of each specialty. He is also a fantastic cook and once said after a particularly satisfying meal that he couldn’t see the point in doing anything unless there was food at the end of it.



The Hansmanns
Florian Hansmann was brought up in the country side and has more than 35 years of experience in hunting and wildlife management. After studying business administration and mechanical engineering in Berlin and New York he ran a logistic service company for many years. After this period of his life he decided to do something different: four years of humanitarian aid work in many African countries and Haiti followed. Florian bought Callumkill Estate early 2013 and by doing so he came back to his roots, i.e. combining entrepreneurship with offering high quality services to such customers who like nature, wildlife, and animals to the same extend as he does.