Rough Shooting

Callumkill shoots a maximum of two times two days per month in season in order to ensure that you will have a quality outing and that we keep our numbers of woodcock, snipe and pheasant. Please note that the woodcock, snipe and pheasant on Callumkill are all wild so we cannot guarantee that they will be there every day. However it should also be noted that two guests at Callumkill achieved a left and right at woodcock in the 2009/10 season and joined the Shooting Times Woodcock Club.

This is the purest form of rough shooting, walked up through Islay’s native original oak woodland and over rocky ridges with Donnie to guide you and his keen dogs. This is for a maximum of 4 guns at a time.

Accommodation is available on our estate for sporting holidays, both in The Farmhouse and in the Ardbeg Cottage. If you are interested in stalking, please contact Donnie or Florian here